The 10 Best Oil Filters to Keep Your Vehicle Running Right

Best Oil Filters

In decades past, vehicle owners didn't have many choices when it came to oil filters. With the technological advancements that have taken place throughout the years, consumers have a choice between many types.

Your oil filter has a significant impact on your vehicle's performance. Knowing the different types that are available before you buy will help you identify the best oil filter for you and your needs.

We've compared and contrasted 10 of the best oil filters on the market to assist you in making an informed decision.

How We Reviewed

The following oil filters were reviewed based on the price, design, and performance of some of the best on the market.

Additionally, we took into account the warranty each oil filter has, and where to buy.

Overall Price Range

Depending on which oil filter you buy, the overall price ranges from less than $10 to as much as $40, depending on where you go and the quality of the oil filter itself.

Less expensive oil filters will get the job done, but like everything else, you get what you pay for. These are the filters you'll want to replace at every oil change.

With higher-priced models, you're likely to get more life out of the filter itself, more thorough filtering, and better vehicle performance.

10 Best Oil Filter Reviews

1. FRAM XG7317 Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter

FRAM Ultra Synthetic Automotive Replacement Oil Filter, Designed for Synthetic Oil Changes Lasting up to 20k Miles, XG7317 with SureGrip (Pack of 1)
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Engine oil filter comes with Suregrip non-slip surface making it easy to remove and implement your filter without slippery mess ups. Perfect for the DIYer like yourself, just screw new filter on until gasket reaches base contact and tighten.
  • DURABLE DUAL LAYER: Compare to standard oil filters, FRAM Ultra Synthetic provides 99%+ filtration efficiency with pleated media that entraps all kinds of dirt and exhaust for a cleaner output.
  • SUPERIOR ENGINE PROTECTION: FRAM car oil filter is composed of a slick silicone anti-drainback valve, delivering superior start-up engine protection with up to 3X the hot oil resistance. Keep your filter clean without the dangerous mess.
  • HIGH TEMP RESISTENCE: Filter combats high heat pressure for longer shelf life with advanced high nitrile gasket for extended durability and quality.
  • 20,000 MILE CAPABILITY: Reliable for high mileage, FRAM Ultra Synthetic offers proven protection up to 20,000 miles. FRAM Ultra Synthetic delivers reliable performance for the person who lives on the road.


If you're in the market for a synthetic oil filter, the FRAM XG7317 is considered to be one of the best oil filters you can buy.

It features a long lifespan and high-efficiency filtering; a silicone anti-drain-back valve that keeps dirty oil from bleeding back into your engine; a metal screen with 100% synthetic filtration material; and is highly durable, lasting up to 20,000 miles.

Performance-wise, the FRAM XG7317 boasts a 99.9% filtration effectiveness at 20 macros, while simultaneously providing optimal flow – a feat unmet by most other oil filters on the market.

If you need a synthetic oil filter and are looking to get the most bang for your buck – look no further.

2. K&N HP-1002 Performance Wrench-Off Oil Filter

K&N Premium Oil Filter: Protects your Engine: Compatible with Select FORD/LINCOLN/TOYOTA/VOLKSWAGEN Vehicle Models (See Product Description for Full List of Compatible Vehicles), HP-1002
  • HIGH FLOW RATES: Designed to provide exceptional flow rates and a consistent flow of oil to your engine
  • VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: Designed to operate with all synthetic, conventional, and blended motor oils
  • PROTECT YOUR ENGINE: Pleated synthetic-blend filtration media removes most harmful contaminants
  • EXTENSIVELY TESTED: Laboratory tested to ensure excellent capacity and burst strength
  • EASY TO REMOVE: Fast and easy Wrench-Off removal


A sturdy, 1-inch welded nut canister makes for easy installation and removal. Heavy-duty construction minimizes the risk of damage via rocks and debris, a specially designed filter media efficiently cleanses even the heavier oil grades, and it is designed to be used with either synthetic or conventional oil.

These oil filters were originally designed for racing vehicles, so their flow rate and filtration percentage (99% according to K&N) are both excellent.

3. WIX Filters - 51734 Heavy Duty Spin-On Lube Filter, Pack of 1

Wix Filter Corp. 51734 Oil Filter
  • Package Dimensions: 21.336 H x 8.636 L x 11.684 W (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 1.043 kilograms
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific
  • Country of Origin : China


The Wix 51734 oil filter includes the gasket, mounting plate, center tube and inner element tube, an increased dirt-holding capacity for longer life, high particle size retention, low oil flow restriction, and is highly durable and reliable.

The feature of note in the Wix 51734 oil filter is the increased dirt-holding capacity, which makes it a great option for people who live near or frequently drive on dirt roads.

However, an increased holding capacity means an increased size, which means this filter won't fit every vehicle.

4. Bosch D3323 Distance Plus High Performance Oil Filter

Bosch D3323 Distance Plus High Performance Oil Filter, Pack of 1
  • Bosch recommends the use of Castrol motor oil
  • Advanced Synthetic Fiber Media has 300 percent greater capacity, provides longer life, and 99.9 percent efficiency that reduces engine wear
  • Heavy Gauge Case provides increased durability and increased burst resistance
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Base Plate (500 PSI rating) which provides 2x’s greater burst resistance strength and increased durability
  • Silicone Anti-Drainback Valve protects engine against dry starts and provides for longer life


The Bosch D3323 features a steel housing material, 14g capacity, a weight of 11.2 ounces, an internally lubricated gasket, a 99.6% oil filtration efficiency, and an anti-drain back valve to provide a faster vehicle start.

Bosch is considered to be one of the best oil filter brands out there, and no list of the best oil filters would be complete without at least one Bosch filter.

5. Purolator PL14610 PurolatorONE Oil Filter

Purolator PL14610 PurolatorONE Advanced Engine Protection Spin On Oil Filter
  • Optimizes engine life for up to 10,000 miles (when used with a full synthetic oil)
  • 99% dirt removal power
  • High-density synthetic blend media
  • Silicone anti-drainback valve that lasts longer than traditional nitrile to protect against dry starts and oil leaks
  • Metal end caps and center tube provide stability and integrity for greater wear resistance


The Purolator PL14610 boasts a 10,000 mile lifespan, 99% oil filtration efficiency, high-density synthetic blend filtration media, a long-lasting PTFE-coated gasket for easy installation and removal, a silicone anti-drain back valve, and metal caps to provide greater durability and wear resistance.

6. Mobil 1 M1-110 / M1-110A Extended Performance Oil Filter

Mobil 1 M1-110 / M1-110A Extended Performance Oil Filter
  • Synthetic fiber blend filter element uses advanced technology for maximum cleaning power
  • Premium lubricated filter gasket provides a tight seal and allows for easy removal
  • Heavy duty filter canister withstands 9X the normal vehicle oil system operating pressure


The Mobil 1 M1-110 is both lightweight, and, thanks to its steel housing, tough. It has a 28-gram dirt-holding capacity, which is twice what most other oil filters provide.

Like other oil filters, it has a silicone anti-drain back valve that prevents dry starts, and is capable of withstanding up to 9 times the normal operating pressure.

7. Napa Gold 1348 Oil Filter

Napa Gold 1348 Oil Filter Pack of 1
  • Oil Filter
  • Automotive


The Napa Gold 1348 boasts glass-enhanced cellulose media traps and can hold up to 50% more than other economy filters; it's designed to function with both synthetic and conventional motor oil and is covered by Napa's comprehensive limited product warranty.

8. Motorcraft FL-820-S Oil Filter

Motorcraft FL-820-S Oil Filter
  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific
  • Part number: FL-820-S
  • Included components: FL-820-S
  • Oem equivalent part number: FL820S


This filter is designed to work with Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles, though it fits other makes and models. It boasts efficient pressure-relieving valves, a durable steel case, flutings for easy removal, and a 12-gram dirt capacity.

9. Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter for Select Acura MDX, RDX, RSX, TL, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda Accord, Civic, CR-V, Pilot, Infiniti, Nissan + More
  • Bosch Recommends The Use Of Castrol Motor Oil
  • Exclusive Filtech Media Technology Screens Out More Harmful Contaminants For Greater Engine Protection
  • Strong Steel Base Plates And Housings Prevent Warpage, Leaks, And Poor Fit
  • Silicone Anti-Drainback Valve Ensures A Supply Of Clean Oil When The Vehicle Is Started


This makes use of Bosch's exclusive FILTECH media technology, making it one of the best filters for screening out contaminants.

It includes a strong steel base and plates, an internally lubricated gasket, an anti-drain back valve, a 14 gram contaminant capacity, 99% filtration efficiency, and is a perfect fit for compatible vehicles.

10. Toyota Genuine Parts 04152-YZZA1 Oil Filter

Genuine Toyota 04152-YZZA1 Oil Filter
  • Genuine Toyota Product
  • A high quality OEM replacement toyota
  • Genuine Toyota 04152-YZZA1 Oil Filter
  • Backed by 1 year or 12k warranty which ever comes first


If you drive a Toyota, this filter may be perfect for you. It's an OEM part which features an O-ring that doesn't twist during installation, high efficiency, and extremely high quality as compared to other aftermarket parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is an Oil Filter?

Oil filters can be found in many types of hydraulic machinery. As the name implies, they're used to filter engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, and lubricating oil in heavy machinery, and are most commonly used by the public in their car's internal combustion engine. 

In the early days of the history of the automobile, oil filters weren't used. This, with the fact that most oil was low quality in those days, meant that consumers were frequently required to have their vehicle's oil changed.

Nowadays, engine oil itself is much cleaner and contains far fewer particles and other pieces of detritus.

Despite that, engine oil still accrues tiny bits and pieces of contaminants through everyday use. Using an oil filter helps remove it and keeps your engine running cleaner longer.

2. What Does an Oil Filter Do?

Your engine oil helps keep your engine clean, and your oil filter helps keep your engine oil clean. They typically come in a small, cylindrical housing that attaches to a specific point on your engine.

Inside the cylinder is the filter material–usually synthetic fiber–that, when oil passes through it, collects the contaminants in its fibers while allowing the liquid oil to pass through clean.

3. How Often Should an Oil Filter be Changed?

The nature of the oil filter's design makes it virtually impossible to see how much gunk has built up inside. While it's not written in stone, a good rule of thumb to go by is to change your oil filter during every scheduled oil change.

The cleaner your oil filter, the better your vehicle will run. You can still drive your car without changing filters during every oil change, but the question is, do you really want to?

4. Do Your Driving Style and Environment Affect Your Oil Filter?

Like every other part of your car, where you drive and the way you drive influences your oil and your oil filter. Whenever you drive some place other than the street, or in a way that's more aggressive than stop-and-go traffic, it speeds up the wear on your engine oil.

Frequently driving in dusty or sandy environments will expose your oil to far more contaminants than you'll ever encounter on city streets. And your oil filter will have to work harder to clean those contaminants out, becoming more gummed up.

If you live some place with a lot of dirt roads or you drive on surfaces that kick up a lot of dust, you may want to not only change your oil more frequently than city streets require but change your oil filter more, too.

Even the best oil filters on the market will get clogged up quicker in dusty, dirty, sandy environments.

5. What Should You Consider When Buying a New Oil Filter?

The best oil filters for your vehicle will depend on several factors individual to your specific needs. Just because an oil filter is considered “the best” doesn't mean that it's “the best” oil filter for you. Here are a few things to consider when choosing an oil filter for your vehicle.

The Right Fit

Foremost, you need an oil filter that fits your vehicle – not all of them will. The last thing you want is to pay good money for something you can't use because it wasn't designed to fit your engine.

To be sure, you can speak to someone at an auto parts store, or go directly to the manufacturer who can provide you with a list of vehicle models and engines compatible with the filter in question. Make sure yours is one of them before you buy the filter.

Right for Your Car

The next thing you'll want to know is whether the specific oil filter you're looking for filters the kind of oil you use in your vehicle. Remember how we said that oil filters contain synthetic materials through which your oil flows to filter out the junk?

Well, not every oil filter contains the same material, and some of those materials work better for synthetic oil and some for natural oil.

Mileage Requirements

Finally, you'll want to consider the amount of mileage you'll be putting on your vehicle in between oil changes. Most oil filters will continue to faithfully scrub your engine oil for about 5,000 miles.

High-performance filters can go a bit longer, with a range of anywhere between 6,000 and 20,000 miles. Of course, you're going to be paying more for high-quality oil filters and, as a result, it doesn't always make economic sense to buy a high-performance oil filter if your driving habits don't require one.

Final Verdict

The best oil filters on this list will depend on your driving habits and environment. However, for most city-drivers, the Bosch 3323 PREMIUM FILTECH Oil Filter has the efficiency you'll want at solid price.

Of course, if you happen to drive a compatible Toyota, then the Toyota Genuine Parts 04152-YZZA1 Oil Filter cannot be beat.

For performance vehicles, #1 on our list is the K&N HP-1002 Performance Wrench-Off Oil Filter.

It was designed with performance in mind, and if that's what you drive, there's no reason to purchase anything else.


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