Top 10 Best Car Scratch Remover Reviews in 2022

Best Car Scratch Remover

A trip to the body shop for some new paint due to a small scratch in your paint is expensive and can leave you without a car for the entire day.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to fix small scratches in your paint a high-quality scratch remover will make your life easier.

We reviewed the best car scratch removers on the market to find which one is the best choice.

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How We Reviewed

We reviewed the top 10 car scratch remover products based on the features and price. Some features we found that they are quick and easy to use, come with necessary tools to remove scratches, protect from water and future damage, and are effective even on a variety of paint blemishes.

Overall Price Range

The overall price range of the products included on our list of car scratch removers was $5 to around $30. The most basic car scratch removers are a single bottle solution.

You will need a buffer or microfiber cloth to use these products. More expensive products are highly involved and include resin pens, cloths, applicators, and sandpaper.

These products will usually get better results for larger scratches but require more work.

10 Best Car Scratch Remover Reviews

1. Meguiar’s G17216 16 oz Ultimate Compound


Meguiar’s is a trusted and well-known brand that has been in the car care business since 1901. Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound is a safe and easy solution to scratches, blemishes, water spots, and oxidization. The compound can be applied manually or using an automatic buffer.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound leaves your automobile with a glossy and like-new finish thanks to micro-abrasives. The micro-abrasives cut deep into the surface of the finish to fill in scratches at the paint level.

This may seem like a negative, but Meguiar’s uses a high-tech formula that is less abrasive than most scratch removers.

Meguiar’s is a handy tool in any car owner’s toolbox to clear up small areas of paint damage and wear. When using Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound a small amount goes a long way.

It only takes a short time to repair small spots of damage and saves money and trips to the professional.

2. Mothers 08408 California Gold Scratch Remover

Mothers 08408 California Gold Scratch Remover - 8 oz.
  • Works on any finish to restore paint and remove surface scratches
  • Best to follow up with a waxing to properly seal and protect
  • Easy to use bottle for a little help here and there
  • Regular use provides a long lasting benefit to your vehicle


Mothers is known for wax and other car care products which you can find in just about any auto parts store. Mothers California Gold is a scratch remover that works well on light and even deep scratches.

Mothers California Gold is easy to use straight out of the bottle. It can be used manually or with an automatic buffer.

Mothers recommends using wax after applying California Gold to protect the area where the scratches were repaired. Mothers can be used regularly to treat spots of damage to the paint.

Mothers California Gold is best used in areas of wear on the vehicle such as door handles and near keyholes.

Smalls scratches from the vehicle interacting with other surfaces are easily cleared up by California Gold. Mothers can be used as a polish and is not as abrasive as other scratch removers.

3. Turtle Wax 50734 Complete 6-Piece Compound


Turtle Wax Complete 6-Piece Compound is a two-step product that does much more than your average scratch repair product. Turtle Wax Complete 6-Piece Compound includes two foam applicators and two microfiber towels.

The rubbing compound and polishing compound serve different purposes to remove every scratch and blemish from your vehicle.

The Turtle Wax rubbing compound is for medium to heavy scratches. The compound works well to remove stains, oxidization, scratches, and other blemishes that are heavily embedded in the paint.

The polishing compound is a lighter touch used for light and medium swirl marks, scratches, and oxidization.

Turtle Wax Complete 6-Piece Compound is an excellent choice for those who are just starting out with scratch removal. The set includes two large bottles of compounds for every level of paint damage, two applicators, and microfiber cloths.

The set may be all you need to add scratch repair to your vehicle maintenance.

4. Meguiars G10307 7 Oz ScratchX

Meguiars G10307 7 Oz ScratchX
  • USE WITH CONFIDENCE: Quickly and safely removes light scratches, blemishes and swirls from all glossy paint finishes and clear coats
  • RESTORE CLARITY: Exclusive micro-abrasive technology removes fine blemishes while restoring clarity and a brilliant high gloss
  • REMOVES DEFECTS, DOESN’T JUST HIDE: Defects are permanently removed, not simply covered up or filled in
  • CLEAR COAT SAFE: Compound is safe on all glossy paints and clear coats


Meguiar’s ScratchX is a great solution for small paint issues like blemishes, swirls, light stains, scratches, and oxidization. ScratchX uses high-tech micro-abrasives to cut deep into the finish of the car and remove paint level blemishes.

Meguiar’s ScratchX is safe for clear coats, all finishes, and paint. ScratchX leaves the vehicle’s surface with a restored and clear finish. ScratchX includes instructions to evaluate the best use for your vehicle’s damage.

The formula can be used by hand or an automatic buffer. Meguiar’s ScratchX is affordable and comes in a small bottle making it a convenient addition to your vehicle care.

5. Quixx 00070-US Paint Scratch Remover Kit

QUIXX 00070-US Paint Scratch Remover Kit, Removes Scratches, Minor Scrapes, and Traces of Unwanted Paint Transfer, Quickly, and Effectively , white (8-Count)
  • Effective: Permanently removes scratches, small marks and scuffs. They will not reappear over time
  • Simple to Use: Quick and simple 2-step process
  • Safe to Use: Suitable for all gloss paints and colors including metallic. QUIXX will not damage your vehicle's finish
  • All Inclusive Kit: Repair Polish (0.88 ounces), Finish Polish (0.88 ounces), 2500 Grit Sandpaper (4ea) and Polishing Cloths (2ea)
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We want you to be fully satisfied. If not, we will refund you in full


Quixx Paint Scratch Remover Kit is a two-step process that yields professional level scratch repair results. The kit is a small and quick solution to many types of scratches and paint blemishes. Quixx is manufactured in Germany for a quality product.

Quixx Paint Scratch Remover Kit includes sandpaper, two microfiber cloths, a scratch repair solution, and a finish solution. Quixx is a permanent repair for scratches and leaves the car’s finish looking like new.

Quixx Paint Scratch Remover Kit is safe to use on all paint and finishes. The formula will not damage surfaces and even works well to repair metallic surfaces.

Quixx is a great addition to your scratch removal toolbox for professional results and includes everything you need to use the product.

6. 3M 39087 Scratch and Scuff Removal Kit


3M is a company in the adhesive and compound space. 3M Scratch and Scuff Removal Kit is an all-in-one solution for light scratches and scuffs.

The kit includes two compounds, a 3000 grit sandpaper square, and a foam applicator pad.

The first compound included is a rubbing compound, and the second is a scratch remover compound.

3M Scratch and Scuff Removal Kit will remove surface scratches and scuffs and leave your vehicle looking like new.

The kit is a fast and easy way to remove scratches around door handles and keyholes.

7. Formula 1 Scratch Out

Formula 1 Scratch Out Car Wax Polish Paste (8 oz) - Car Scratch Remover for All Auto Paint Finishes - Polishing Compound for Moderate Scratches, Bird Droppings, Tree Sap & Swirl Remover
  • Advanced Micropolishers: Formula 1 Scratch Out car compound contains micropolishers that can remove fine scratches and swirl marks, as well as clear haze on your car's coat finish. With each stroke of our polisher for car detailing, you'll see the small scratches disappearing from the hood or doors of your vehicle.
  • Renew Your Vehicle's Look & Color: With this unique paste wax for car, you can restore your vehicle's paint color to a brighter, more vivid hue. Whether it's a car, truck, SUV or motorcycle, Formula 1 car polish can make your vehicle's paint finish look brand new.
  • Non-Abrasive Paste Wax: Formula 1’s scratch removal for cars contains powerful Carnauba wax that protects your car or motorcycle from water beading. Our car polisher comes in a paste that effectively and quickly removes the blemishes on your automobile. Unlike conventional rubbing compound for car scratches, Formula 1 will never scratch your car's paint job.
  • Multi-Use: Other car paint repair compounds are just for paint finishes. Formula 1 is different! This scratch removing polishing paste can also improve yellowed, scratched, and hazed headlights and taillights. Give your car lights new life with Formula 1 Scratch Out.
  • Easy to Use: Our best car wax is incredibly easy to use, making it great for first-time users and home use. Simply apply car paint scratch repair to a clean, dry cloth after cleaning your car. Using circular motions, spread it evenly over scratched areas. Allow it to dry, and then wipe it off using a microfiber or terry cloth towel.


Formula 1 Scratch Out is an affordable solution that tackles scratches as well as other paint issues. Scratch out can be used to remove bird droppings and tree sap that eat away at your paint and clear coat.

Scratch Out is a simple and easy-to-use scratch remover that can fit into your vehicle maintenance or cleaning schedule.

Formula 1 Scratch Out is like a polish and scratch remover in one. It works well for hoods, roofs, and doors of your vehicle and can remove blemishes like haze and swirls.

The compound is non-abrasive and can be used to remove yellowing from headlights as well.

The wax included in Scratch Out prevents future damage from water beading and dirt. Scratch Out can renew your vehicle’s paint and finish.

Scratch Out can be applied manually using a circular motion or using an automatic buffer and requires no additional waxing.

8. Turtle Wax T-234KT Premium Grade Scratch Repair Kit


Turtle Wax Premium Grade Scratch Repair Kit is an all-in-one solution. The kit works on scratches, scuffs, and even chips in the paint. The kit includes a pen to fill in chips and scratches.

Apply the pen to a clean dry surface in need of repair. The kit has restoration pads to blend in the pen resin solution and fill in chips. Apply the clarifying compound and hand buff or automatic buff the area for a minute.

Turtle Wax Premium Grade Scratch Repair Kit includes everything you need to fill a wide range of scratches and chips.

The kit provides professional results, and the resin in the pen fills in scratches much larger than most of the other solutions on the market.

9. Chemical Guys COM_129_16 Scratch and Swirl Remover


Chemical Guys Scratch and Swirl Remover is a powerful scratch and swirl remover in a single bottle.

The solution works well to remove surface-level scratches and swirls in the finish or paint of a vehicle. Chemical Guys is applied by hand in a circular motion or using an automatic buffer.

Chemical Guys Scratch and Swirl Remover is simple to use, just apply the solution to a clean and dry surface where the paint is damaged.

The compound does not include any wax or silicone and leaves the surface clean and polished.

10. Nu Finish Scratch Doctor, Pack of 4


Nu Finish Scratch Doctor is a versatile scratch remover. The compound can be used to remove scratches and polish boats, planes, automobiles, motorcycles, and even appliances. The scratch remover works to remove haze, swirls, and scratches quickly and easily.

Nu Finish Scratch Doctor is a one-step solution and can be applied using an automatic buffer or manually.

The tube is inverted so the solution always comes out easily. Only a small amount of the solution is needed to get results, and the product is made in the USA for quality control.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Need an Automatic Buffer to Use Scratch Remover?

The car scratch removers included in our list do not require an automatic buffer to work.

An automatic buffer is helpful because it will give you quicker and more professional results. Most products have instructions for manual and buffer applications.

2. Do Scratch Removers Work for Deep Scratches?

For deep scratch removal, some kits include sandpaper or resin to fill in the scratches. Results can vary and will require a more aggressive and involved solution.

For deep scratches, we recommend a kit that specifically states it can be used for heavy or deep scratches like Turtle Wax Complete 6-Piece Compound.

3. How Do I Prepare for Scratch Removal?

Most scratch removal products only require a clean and dry surface before use. You may also want to wear gloves and have something to catch any excess material. Read the included instructions for any additional preparation.

The Verdict

We found the high quality car scratch remover to be Formula 1 Scratch Out. Scratch Out is a convenient solution to scratches and requires no follow-up work to protect the treated area.

Scratch Out can be used repeatedly, so it is great to add to your cleaning or maintenance routine. We like that Scratch Out is affordable and is not an abrasive product.

You can even use Scratch Out to brighten up headlights that are yellow or milky. Scratch Out is the best car scratch remover for professionals and beginners to car care and only requires a microfiber cloth or buffer to get started.


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