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How to Paint Rims

Pimp Your Ride With 7 Tips on How to Paint Rims

Want to give your ride a new look and feel without breaking the bank? Painting the rims can give your car that fresh look...
Bosch Oil Filter Review

Bosch Oil Filter Review: The Perfect Road Companion

Image from Amazon Finding a good oil filter is crucial because as oil flows through your engine, much like blood through your body, the filter...
Wix Oil Filter Review

Wix Oil Filter Review: A Top Pick for Your Vehicle

featured image source: amazon.com A good oil filter is critically important. It removes contaminants from the oil that cycles through your car's engine. A quality...
Best Brake Pads for a Smooth Stop

10 Best Brake Pads for a Smooth Stop (Updated in 2022)

When you are in your car and you roll up to a stop sign, what happens? Do you come to a quick, quiet stop...